We’re honored to haveĀ Rack-Lo, founder of the infamous Lo-Life crew, onboard as a FRANK151 columnist. Since the ’80s Rack has been living that Double L life, putting two Ls up in the name of Love and Loyalty, while dipped head to toe in Polo Ralph Lauren.

"Growing up as a kid in New York City, I was always fascinated with Madison Square Garden. I always looked at things in a big way and MSG was just one of those places that was alive. A place to visit, take in, view, and enjoy some the greatest sports entertainment ever. Even coming up as a youngster my father took me to Madison Square Garden on many occasions as we were both wrestling fanatics and I got it from him. My biggest memory of my daily access to MSG was when I lived about two blocks away in a city hotel for low income families called the Martinique."

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