Yung Lenox stands in a category of his own as a successful child prodigy—not the creepy kind that can spell words no one ever uses, but this seven-year-old can draw his ass off. When his father Skip introduced drawing into their daily activities, it was clear from the start that his son was a natural. He quickly ran out of comic book figures to sketch and was in need of some new inspiration. When Yung Lenox asked his dad who his favorite superhero was he happily replied, “Gucci Mane,” and the rest is history.

Lenox began busting out some crazy dope prints of rappers such as Dr. Dre, Cam’ron, and Max B but his favorite subject to draw became Ghostface Killah. Father and son enjoyed listening to Wu-Tang classics while perfecting his craft. Taking the time to really feel the music and fully invest his mind in what he was drawing, the fun hobby also became a lesson. Shapes, outlines, and color precision became a mental puzzle process to express his creativity.

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