A couple of weeks back, we wrote about a group of artists and city activists that set out to spotlight owners who were neglecting their vacant properties in Baltimore. The Wall Hunters are calling out these slumlords by using wheatpaste murals and QR codes containing information about them and the property violations of their buildings.

The figures spearheading this initiative are Baltimore artists Nether and Tefcon. Their goal is to not only put 15 landowners on blast, but also bring in artists from all over the country to beautify the dilapidated buildings and impoverished neighborhoods in the process. Local Baltimore residents are applauding Nether, Tefcon, and the rest of the Wall Hunters crew for their effort and have even pitched in to help.

FRANK151 had the opportunity to speak to both Nether and Tefcon and ask them about Baltimore, their thoughts on vacant houses, and the future of the Slumlord Project.

For the interview and more images, visit FRANK151.com.