Digital Divas is a column written for the internet, by Yung Klout Gang's Lina Abascal, a girl who loves the internet. It's about young women who (similarly to Lina) have created online personas that have attracted thousands of fans and followers. These are spokeswomen for the emoji-speaking Tumblr-dwelling generation, where thousands of miles of distance can be spanned with a few clicks. Musicians, designers, writers, photographers and more make up a community of global tastemakers and cultural commentators representing the famous motto “girl power” on the world wide web.

Sharing a slice of the Philippines with the online world, lifestyle blogger Camie Juan initially grew her audience back in Tumblr’s prime. Taking that fan base and expanding it, she’s traveled to Germany on an international blog exchange, taught the internet how to dye their hair pastel, and exposed her life and relationships to her predominately young female audience.

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