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Last night was one for the books as the LES’ very own documentary photographer Clayton Patterson celebrated his farewell exhibition with life partner Elsa Rensaa at the Galerie ABP (Au Bon Punk) on 58-60 9th Ave. Plenty of us stood in the rain as we waited in anticipation to go inside and warm up with the welcoming vibes of arts and culture.

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To help you get extra in the mood, Wednesday’s The FRANK Show segment featured the lovely Amanda Seales and Kris Bowers discussing their latest musical endeavor, Mo Betta Wu.

Check it out as they discuss their idea to merge classic Wu tracks with smooth jazz sounds, the creative process, and Wu-Tang’s general musicality. Oh, and Amanda graced us with a few incredible A cappella renditions. Cream Get The Money, Shoo-Boop Wowww!

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Whether it’s a specific moment or duration, one can argue that the intention ofall art is to preserve time. Think about it. A painting may have been an artist’s effort to express a mood they’ve been enduring for months and more evidently, photography is the attempt of freezing an instant in time. The same argument can be made for music as well. A musician’s thoughts can remain suspended, repeatedly echoing every time an album is listened to.

For photographer Danny Clinch, his task was to capture the appropriate mood for a record called Illmatic.

Twenty years ago, Danny Clinch was designated to take all the photos of a young Nasir Jones that was going to be used on his debut album. Danny, whose photography subject list reads like a music hall-of-fame inductee catalog, perfectly apprehended the feel of Illmatic. There were no gimmicks to Danny’s photos. What you were given was a true look into Nas’ world; a subject hip-hop wasn’t ready for back on April 20, 1994.

Thanks to the help of Danny’s lovely studio manager Ms. Lisa Connelly, FRANK had the privilege of taking a trip through memory lane with the photographer to get the backstory of how this all came about.

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Take a walk around NYC at any time of the day and you’re sure to find a ton of stuff happening in the streets. Since this is the city that never sleeps, it would sure as hell be nice to be able to witness all the craziness that defines the city in one place. Nicolas Heller, a Brooklyn filmmaker who switched from music videos to documentaries, decided to give back to the people and offer a view into the uniqueness that New Yorkers posses as they bring the kookiness to the streets that define the city. No Your City, a web series currently on its fourth episode, puts “these mysterious NYC characters” on display to inform you about what the city has hiding around each corner. Think of it as a slice of NYC life, bringing those strangers we were told not to speak to as children down to earth and on a level we can all relate with. Nicholas Heller is doing his part to make us all accept our fellow stranger.

No Your City showcases a variety of diversity, from a real-life Spiderman rickshaw, to a rapping Jew, to a bad-ass shoe-shiner. If you’re interested, the latest episode will cover a performance artist who dances in the streets wearing only a Speedo—ladies, we know you’re curious. We’re totally stoked to witness that display of passion and dedication; the guy is doing it for the art.

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